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Semi PU Leather for Sofa

We have high quality Synthetic leather for Sofa Furniture. Our synthetic leather is a Pu and PVC based leather. We can design our leather range up to date, keeping latest trends in mind and match color with fabrics opening a range of possibilities for sofa. Our synthetic leather comes coated with a layer of PU to ensure that product feels soft and full hand feeling and at the same time matches the excellent genuine leather visual sense. Flygo faux leather for sofa is designed to be highly durable and customized with a range of coating that make the product scratch resistant,  anti-bacterial, stain resistant, water proof, fire resistant, UV resistant and temperature stabilized.

Our sofa pvc leather have good performance in tearing strength, torsion resistance and seam strength. And high abrasion, scratch proof resistance, perfect color fastness and perspiration resistance, great light resistant and anti-ageing ability, solvent resistance and brilliant chemical properties. Our synthetic sofa leather have perfect performance in hydrolysis, acid and alkali resistance, it can offer long service for 5-10 years. If the sofa is stained by tea, coffee, milk, oil and ball pen in daily life, which make the sofa hard to clean, our leather offers antifouling, easy-clean and easy-wash features to keep the sofa artistic and brand new.

Our leather for sofa have superior flame resistance, it can reach international USA CA117 etc., offering high protection and security. Our leather can prevent the invasion & survival of bacteria and fungi to guarantee healthy and comfortable life and improve customer’s life quality and health level. Whether the weather is wet or hot, our products are waterproof breathable to keep dry and comfortable feeling. Our leather is used on the sofa for 5 to 10 years. We believe our leather can provide you with the perfect sofa products. If you like our leather, please don’t hesitate to contact us, Our sales team will provide the best service.

Our PU leather for sofa has the following advantages:

Full hand feeling, soft, high resilience, like excellent genuine leather or unique textile effect, easy cleaning, high durability, superior flame resistance, anti-bacterial and mold proof, outstanding waterproof and breathability.

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