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Semi PU Leather for Phone Cases and Pad Cases

Now the number of mobile phone is a rapid growth, more and more mobile phone covers and pad cases are required. In order to conform to this trend, our company has developed a variety of fashionable leather which can be used to make various brands of mobile phone and pad cases. Our phone case leather is soft, elastic, good wear resistance, light resistance, easy to cut, easy to shape, which can protect the mobile phone and pad can also bring the fashion sense. I believe you choose our cell phone case leather to the production of mobile phone and pad cases, will get a lot of customers love, bring a large number of customers and good profit for your company.

With the popularity of mobile phones and a large number of applications, there are a lot of demand of phone case. Leather phone sets can protect the phone and reflect the user's taste. Phone cover leather is delicate, comfortable, has the sense of texture, luxury, high wear resistance, resistance to fall, not easy to crack & damage, washable, delicate appearance, feel warm and comfortable.

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