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Semi PU Leather for Clothes

We are developing a more widely range of imitation leather fabric for garment and accessories market. You will see our products in many countries and with the top brands in the industry whether it’s PVC leather jacket, Pu jacket or a hand bags. We innovate the leather in designs of quality and consistency. Our factory follow all environment require and all the products meet technical standards of the highest level of ISO14001. Our clothing leather are exported to highly developed markets like North America, Italy, UK, etc. Our faux leather material for clothing meet the environment standards set by most luxury apparel brand owners.

They not only matches the feel and look of real leather but is also designed to be highly durable. We coat a layer of PU to ensure that the products feels soft and supple and at the same time matches the leather look. The garment leather is also customized with features such as water proof, anti-bacterial and fire resistant. You can make the leather cloth seam resistant to be able to take intricate stitching without any problem.

Our leather meets environmental protection and other standards such as REACH EN-71, ROHS,  AZO FREE, ASTM, and 6P etc.  We also can meet the require of customers. They are completely lead and heavy metal free and odorless even at temperatures over 90 degree.Our leather pu jackets are anti-bacterial, waterproof, antifouling, polishing, breathable, yellowing resistance, anti-static etc. Our range of post processing equipment like tumbling, scrapping, in-line printers and lacquering lines also ensure increased resemblance to real leather while adding many options to make custom unique products.

For the Color, feel, gloss, thickness, we can make them according to customer requirements. Because of the shooting angle, light, display and other objective reasons, the product picture will appear color difference. Please check with the real sample. If you like our garment leather. Please email us to talk about details. Flygo faux leather material for clothing has the following advantages: soft, visual sense like genuine leather, and waterproof, antibacterial, and fire resistance. grain variety, color variety, easy suture, that is the best choice for the manufacture of garment leather.

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