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Semi PU Leather for Bags

We offers high quality synthetic leather for handbags and luggage. We supply high quality and extremely durable materials that meet specific applications. Our leather is widely used in for the manufacturing of kits and carrying bags. The leather look like excellent genuine leather and unique textile effect. They are extremely durable and customized with a rang of coating. The leather comes coated with a layer of PU to ensure that the product feels soft and supple and full hand feeling, high resilience.  We have wide varieties with latest style. They are unique and fashionable designs like as Crazy Horse, Wax Touch, Oily Leather, Nubuck, Color Changing, Brushing, Polishing, Buffing, Yangbuck, Buffing, etc. series represent nostalgic, natural and elegant styles. Textile,  Enamel and Crystal series reflect strong flavors of fashion trend.

The bag leather have high quality of good abrasion and scratch resistance. They are water-proof, anti-bacterial and fire resistant, perfect yellow resistance, no peeling and color fading on surface. They are high dry and wet rub fastness, good torsion resistance under normal temperature and cold resistance. Extra emphasis is easy processing to be able to take intricate stitching without any issues. They are meet the requirements of luggage and bags manufacturing and perfectly ensure the shape and quality. Our leather have excellent eco-friendly performance. They are in line with international environmental requirements such as REACH compliance. Our leather can offer long usage for 3-5 years with great comprehensive properties. Welcome the bags factory and clients to visit our factory and play order to us. We can supply you the best service.

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