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What is the hottest leather-microfiber?

In recent years, a kind of imitation leather fabric in the furniture market sells hot. We understand that especially in sofa, cupboard, burial with flexible packaging decoration, it is called "microfiber cloth" of science and technology. The imitation leather fabrics, with rival of leather texture and property was welcomed by consumers. Now, we will discuss about "microfiber technology leather", so that our customers will realize how to purchase in the market.

Known as Leathaire, the name is called Leathaire, which is known as "breathable fabric". The most distinctive feature of this fabric is that it looks and feels like real leather.
Ultra - fiber technology cloth has the appearance, texture and color of leather, but it also has cloth art of air permeability and softness.Soft touch, comfortable touch, excellent moisture permeability and heat penetration.
microfiber technology cloth production process is dyeing, printing, laminating, embossing, sand washing, double - layer composite.

1. Bionic design
Microfiber cloth applied the most advanced bionic design concept, through 3 d bionic process design of reverse mould quality prints from the natural beauty, present in the household life, comfort, quality and fashion the perfect set in one body. Instead of cutting off the skins of animals, bionics design the same "leather" from the animal's leather texture.

2. Never hydrolyze
It is neither like traditional fabrics, nor real leather. It looks like a cloth with a leather texture and comfortable skin, which will combine the 0.1mm yarn closely.

3. Breathe freely
Every square metre has 100,000 miniature transparent stoma, even in hot summer also won't appear to have the feeling of sweat and sticky, excellent breath-ability performance, let every inch of skin free breath.

4. Abrasion resistant
After multi-layer composite and special texture, the fabric is thick. The texture is comfortable and light. Special surface wear-resistant layer which makes the fabric wear-resisting far exceed national standard 5 times.

5. Healthy environment
Compared with traditional leather, it contains formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful elements, which can easily affect human health through the mouth and nose.
The microfiber leather, after soaking in boiling water, the PH value is similar with the plant. It does not contain the corrosive stimulant component, is more conducive to human health.

6.Keep warm
Common leather sofas are cold in winter.Compared with the normal leather fabric, the microfiber leather is softer and more flexible. It feels good, like just finishing the whole body SPA. Apart from the regular surface and bottom cloth, a layer of insulation is added which makes the fabric excellent heat storage performance.Under normal temperature test, its heat storage performance is much better than that of real leather.And super fiber cloth is the characteristic of four seasons constant temperature, let "skin" sofa also warm and pleasant in winter. The fabric is not only looks like real leather, but also superior in softness and softness. It is smooth and not irritating to the human body.

7. Flexible and unfading
Super fiber cloth selects from ultra-long soft fibers, which can be combined by the international leading textile technology, thus making it tight, strong, good extension and anti-wrinkle properties.After any distortion stretch, the fabric can quickly restore the original flat texture.It's like the "memory sponge" feeling, which is how to overrun everything, then it will be the same again!

At the same time, the microfiber fabric will not fade.It adopts imported dyeing process and has good solid color effect. This technology makes fabrics easy to take care.  The most important thing is that microfiber leather is only one over ten the price. In terms of relative leather fabrics, physical touch texture, wear-resisting performance and price, microfiber leather easily overpass real leather !

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