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Leather consumption keep upgrading, microfiber leather becomes the first choice

The trend of microfiber leather replaces ordinary leather is determined.

Microfiber as the third generation of synthetic leather products, compared to the first, the second generation of PVC leather and PU leather, microfiber is more soft, arthroscopic, permeability is better, and better durability, microfiber in comprehensive performance on the closest to leather. Wearing more comfortable. Due to leather raw materials supply is limited, moral blame at the same time, in the backdrop of the stricter environmental protection production is suppressed.
Microfiber instead of ordinary leather and real leather industry is becoming development trend. As the cost reduction, microfiber price drops, price advantage gradually appear, the price of ordinary PU in 30 yuan/square meter or so, microfiber leather about 50 yuan/square meters, the price of only 20 yuan/square meter or so. Compared to real leather 100 yuan/square meter price, has narrowed considerably.

As the price gap shrinks, the downstream will become more receptive and future replacement will be accelerated.

The substitution space is vast, the tap continues to benefit.

The microfiber market is only 5 billion yuan. Compared with the ordinary PU leather and leather billions of market, it is only one over twenty, future alternative microfiber leather and ordinary space of PU and PVC leather is very big.
Our company is leading in microfiber industry, mastering the core technology of base cloth. Microfiber leather currently has 3600 square meters/year capacity, domestic market share of around 15%. Next year the company will add 1800 square meters of new microfiber fabric production capacity. The leading position will be stronger, at the same time provide solid foundation for growth next year.

Microfiber leather technology is complex, our company has the core technology of base cloth.

Microfiber faux leather products, as a third generation process is very complex, its core technology is the preparation of superfine fiber wiki cloth. fabric production process is long, there are more than ten working procedure. every procedure will affect the quality of the final product, so the base fabric production process control is very difficult, companies in the field's agriculture more than 10 years, with the focus and unremitting efforts, relying on their own research, mastered the core technology of microfiber fabric.

Leather products downstream is mainly bags, shoes, clothing and cars, and other fields, the demand is very scattered and personalized. customer demand diversity, design and development capability requirements for manufacturers is very high. the company has strong r&d capability. technical staff accounted for 28% to ensure the company's rapid response to customer's requirement.

Our company solves the bottleneck of the company's production capacity and welcomes the second rapid development.

considering the microfiber instead of real leather and the trend of ordinary PU and PVC have determined that the vast space, and the future company as A microfiber industry leading domestic, and focus on its main business, have continued to be bigger and stronger, the basis of our new year project put into production, along with the company production capacity bottleneck for breakthrough, in the next three years the performance of the compound growth rate of more than 30%, to maintain the recommended rating.

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