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Commonly used leather list! Help you solve the material confusion, twice the result with half the ef

When we make hand made leather goods, we often have a question. What leather should be used to make it look better, more practical and artistic? I believe the trouble caused by this problem is a lot of trouble for friends who are not familiar with making leather goods. This article will take you to the list of commonly used polyurethane handbags materials.

Primary vegetable tanned leather

Small elasticity, water absorption, soft, plastic, easy integer, color from the pale flesh of the color, pink to light brown, the most suitable for leather carving crafts. The primary color effect for raising vegetable tanned leather tanning technique, origin, the frequency of use, maintenance properly vary, this is the charm of vegetable tanned pu leather purse.

Dyed vegetable tanned leather

Based on the primary water tanned leather dyeing, the dyeing uniformity.

A horse can only take two pieces of kidney shaped skin about half a meter in diameter. This part of the cortex is the most flexible horsehide density is the highest, most wear parts. Characteristics of cortical smooth pores, leather has a unique luster and has certain water proofing property. Leather made of horse leather, with a very delicate feel, durable wear, soft, difficult to fold, but also at any time passing light, resulting in a unique luster. Because of the special location, the pu leather material buttock skin has a dense texture and a high degree of resistance.

Japan Tochigi leather

Made in Japan Tochigi, tanning leather, the name of Tochigi is just a place of origin, rather than the name of a leather processing factory or brand, as long as it is from Tochigi Prefecture called Tochigi leather". Tochigi leather tanning method is in accordance with the traditional way to tanning, without the aid of any modern technology. Many traditional methods need manual procedures, coupled with the Japanese labor costs high, and non mainstream imported high cost, so the price of pu purse Tochigi has always been a noble price. Tochigi leather fiber dense, bending wrinkle pores small, delicate, color fast, green environmental protection, no harm to people.

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