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  • Flygo patentsFlygo patentsMarch 25, 2017We have 21 core national invention patents, 11 appearance patents, more than 20 invention patents are in application. Here are a few items listed below.1) the preparation method of waterborne polyuret...view
  • Flygo Intellectual propertyFlygo Intellectual propertyMarch 25, 2017The company take intellectual property advantage and provide mass production for which was included in the national products in 13th Five-Year plan. We offer key support for upgrading production top b...view
  • Modern intelligent cleaner production lineModern intelligent cleaner production lineMarch 25, 2017We have modern intelligent cleaner production line.High integrated automation, the full implementation of the independent research and development of intelligent ERP management system, thus achieving ...view
  • Flygo-High-tech enterpriseFlygo-High-tech enterpriseMarch 25, 2017The company has obtained the most outstanding peer property advantage, IPR advantageous enterprises in Fujian province (2014.7-2017.7) unit commitment of major projects in Fujian province in 2012, 13t...view
  • Great importance of innovation abilityGreat importance of innovation abilityMarch 25, 2017Our company attaches great importance to innovation ability, we adhere to the independent research and development, with the international advanced technology laboratory, gathered the domestic and for...view
  • China Plastics Industry of Light Industry synthetic leather Top Ten EnterprisesChina Plastics Industry of Light Industry synthetic leather Top Ten EnterprisesMarch 25, 2017On July 2, 2015, Chinese plastics processing industry association of artificial leather synthetic leather Chinese Specialized Committee informed, according to the Federation of light industry (2015) N...view
  • Putian Flygo Trade Co., LtdPutian Flygo Trade Co., LtdMarch 25, 2017Our company has passed China's ecological synthetic leather certification. Our products are in line with REACH, EN71-3, ROHS, ASTM and other international environmental standards. We Independently dev...view

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  • TEL:+86 13950702071
  • FAX:+86-0594-2636628
  • EMAILflygo018@fjxingxiang.com
  • ADDRESS:Room 201-203, Building 2, Lijing Plaza, Lihua Road, Putian, Fujian, China