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Q: our requirements are relatively high, the quantity is very large. What is the strength of your company?

A: we have a total registered capital of US $43 million, with investment of US $146 million. The total area is about 295000 square meters. We have three factories. Now we have many product lines, for example, PU/PVC artificial leather production line of international advanced level, rolling production line, textile coating production lines, special equipment for all kinds of polymer materials. With strong production technology, we can achieve stable quality, reasonable price, fast landing, accurate color, adequate, environmentally friendly. The annual output value is over 1 billion 500 million yuan. Our company is your absolute trust worthy partner.

Q: what kind of leather products do you offer?

A: We have rich variety of products. Also, we will develop new styles. We are able to provide the materials according to your sample and meet the requires of physical and chemical, texture, width, thickness, texture, bottom cloth, surface treatment, environmental and other needs. Welcome your inquire and we may discuss about the detail.

Q: what is the environmental performance of your products?

A: our products meet the following criteria: REACH46, REACH56, REACH84, REACH138, REACH...... The following materials are able to can reach the latest European international environmental standards: Azo dyes, heavy metal EN71-3, ROHS, 6P, 7P six, excluding the price, the total lead content, Ming content of formaldehyde, organotin compounds, phenol, PAHS, chlorinated organic compounds, phosphorus two formic acid salt, two methyl formamide, two methyl fumaric acid and disperse dyes, alkylphenol ethoxy alcohol.

Q: how many kinds of embossing pattern do you have?

A: Our company have a wealth of patterns for customers to choose. We often develop new patterns. Also we are glad to receive customized order according to customers’ requirements.

Q: what is the width of the normal product?

Answer: The width of  PU  is 52 -53 inches; the width of PVC is 52 -54 inches.

Q: what are the varieties of the base of your product?

Answer: Our company is able to provide all kinds of knitted fabrics, rough base, pound cloth base, velvet, flat sheeting, elastic cloth, oblique spinning cloth, suede. What’s more, we can process special cloth for customers.

Q: how do you do product surface treatment.

Answer:The powder brush, crazy horse, printing, lamb, antique, mirror, metal, oil, crack, burst, cast film, pearl, flocking, kneading, grinding sand and so on.

Q: what is your product specification?

Answer: width: 52 -54 inches (ie, 132 -137 cm)

Thickness: 0.45 -3.5 mm (dry PU for clothing will be much thinner; PVC and wet PU will be thicker)

Length: yard(1 yards equal to about 0.9144 meters)

The width of the products we provide is sufficient, absolutely trustworthy.

Q: how to deal with it if the product have quality problem?

Answer: our factory is very professional. We will make a confirmation before production, and provide customers with the test board. The production is subject to sign board. We conduct the program management strictly. Careful testing on raw materials and strict controlling of the production process ensure the quality of finished products, thus achieving excellence. We can absolutely guarantee: we are responsible for any quality problem which is caused in the production process; if it is in the external communication factors, we will try our best to consult to solve the problem.

Q: Can you provide certificates?

Answer: Putian Flygo Trade Co.,Ltd is able to produce according to your required environmental standards, such as ROHS, EN71-3, REACH46, 6P standard etc.. We absolutely guarantee successfully pass the United States, the EU environmental testing. If necessary, we can provide product certification and test reports and other documents according to customers’ requirements.

Q: can you provide leather post processing?

Answer: Putian Flygo Trade Co.,Ltd do not provide post processing. As a professional enterprise of various high-grade PU/PVC synthetic leather with nearly twenty years of production accumulation. The product can be processed according to your requirements.

Q: do you have any non-toxic leather?

Answer: artificial leather and synthetic leather are all chemical products, which contains certain chemical elements. Our company has been moving to the direction of environmental protection. Our products have passed ROHS, EN71, REACH, AZO FREE, ASTM, 6P and other stringent environmental toxicity test. We adhere to contribute to environmental protection.

Q: How to ask for your leather sample and how to send samples?

Answer: Putian Flygo Trade Co.,Ltd has rich product resources. If you want to ask for samples, please tell us the fabric type, texture, and tell us your requirements. If you have a sample, please contact and send it to our company, we will check the comparison, and provide the test board for you to confirm.

Q: would you please provide a leather sample book?

Answer: Our sample is really suffecient. We sincerely welcome you to inquire and negotiate about it.

Q: could you please quote according to the pictures?

A: first of all, a warm remind: the pictures on the company's Web site is only part of the company's products. We sincerely welcome you to inquire. After communicating and confirming details, we will provide you a quotation immediately.

Q: Please give me the sample exactly same as the picture.

A: due to the  light, display monitor and other objective factors, product images will be a little difference in pattern and color. We hope to offer you professional and specialized products.

Q: could you give me a sample according to my sample?

Answer: we need to confirm your sample, thus providing high quality products and good service.  We will deal it according to the sample from you, but this need some fee. If there are subsequent orders, we will make a deduction.

Q: why do you need time to make sample?

Answer: the length of time is determined by the material itself. Different leather has different production processes, including materials, processes, procedures, as well as the arrange of the orders. Our company will make the greatest efforts for the completion of the model in the shortest possible time for you.

Q: why do we need MOQ?

Answer: the production of artificial leather are relying on large machinery and equipment. Each production line has fixed consumption, which determines that we must try our best to meet the production capacity of each production line. In order to serve you better and ensure the quality, we need to control the MOQ. Putian Flygo Trade Co.,Ltd sincerely welcome you to inquire and negotiate.

Q: why do you need to acceptable quantity?

A: the acceptable quantity is applicable to the customer who place order. In the production process, there will be some certain loss. The amount of loss depends on the product process and site control. For example, when we order 500 yards, our production including the loss rate is expected to be less than 550 yards. If the loss less than the expected 50, the production will be more than 500 yards; if surpassed the expected loss of 50 yards, then the production will be less than the order quantity. We warmly remind you to make a good estimate of the production in the material and loss. We suggest you communicate to confirm with our company business department. Thank you for your support!

Q: how long does the production process  take?

Answer: the production cycle is determined by the material and structure which depends on the products required process. How many process is the fundamental reason for the length of time for delivery. Putian Flygo advise you to confirm with the business department. Thank you for your support! We warmly remind you that if you want to have plenty controlling time, you can place the order in advance to prevent the the possibility of delays in the production.

Q: is your product environmentally friendly?

A: we are well aware of the importance of environmental protection. We can provide the corresponding low toxicity testing report and documentation in accordance with your request. Our aim is to make due contributions to the environmental protection and to assume due responsibility for the community. Our products can reach EN71-3, ROHS, REACH and other standards. If you have some special requirements, we will cooperate with the test which you require..

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